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Understand the full volume of any of your conversation and the people behind them


At SmartRuns, we see social media as a source of minds to help you and us and guide the best marketing strategy. By paying close attention to social media analytics, now you can measure your performance against your social media goals. Just select one of your best plans or let SmartRuns help you decide.


Let us fuel your decisions with our insightful Market Research


An eye-opener that gives you insights through social media activities and how to optimize the platforms towards achieving potential growth. The service includes: Market Research and Social Media Analytics


Sit-back and relax! We are taking control of your marketing campaigns by maximising growth through these solutions: Market Research, Social Media Analytics, and short-term Marketing Campaign


Our featured service supports you on the long-term marketing run and strategic campaigns. The package include: Market Research, and Social Media Analytics

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Marketing Run

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Amjad Al Shukri

CEO and Founder


Usama Al Saifi

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Executive


Ahmed Al Azri

Chief Technical Executive

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